Unit Swag provides high-quality apparel and accessories made to spread team pride for any organization. We strive to give you a way to customize military t-shirts, customized polo shirts, or comfortable hoodie in a multitude of colors or design you want. Our service clothing comes in a lightweight material that is moisture-wicking and motion-sensitive so you can train hard and show your pride for your organization at the same time.

It’s easy to design patriotic and supportive custom clothing to be what you have in mind. At Unit Swag we make it easy for your to create custom apparel and accessories. Create a logo and/or change the words to say what you want and that's all it takes. We can personalize enough custom military apparel for the whole family and save money no matter what.

Knowing someone in the Army is something to be proud of—family and friends love to let everyone know how honored they truly are with brand new, 100% customized Army clothing from Bees Knees Teams. If you have a loved one currently fighting in the army or military, show support in your own way with custom unit apparel. We are all proud and grateful for all that our service members do for us daily.

All our apparel and accessories are printed and shipped with care right here in the United States, made of comfortable fabrics that are comfortable to wear daily. We genuinely want our customers to be happy.